I currently do not have any knives available. If you are interested in a custom knife, please email me. There is a 3-6 month lead time on knives, and a $50 deposit is required to secure your order. You can view photos and info about previous knives in The Gallery.

Pricing for my knives is as follows. Please refer to this picture for tentative shapes on the profiles of the knives.

7" Cleaver: $140
7" Santoku: $175
8" Chef: $130
10" Chef: $160
12" Chef: $180
6" Filet: $90
3.5" Paring: $60

These will be handmade via the stock removal method -- this involves starting with a plate of steel and cutting/grinding away material to create the knife. For a photo walkthrough of how this is done, go here.

Customization options

  • Handle Material: The prices above include a Dymondwood handle. Dymondwood is a manufactured material which fuses together strips of veneer into a durable, attractive material that will not warp or expand/contract. It comes in many colors; samples can be seen in my gallery above, although other colors are possible. Alternatively, you may choose a dyed, stabilized hardwood (many options available, with every piece unique) for $20 more.
  • Steel: My default steel is 440C stainless. For $25 extra, I can make your knife with Crucible CPM S30V steel. This is a very high tech stainless steel alloy which offers improved edge holding ability and hardness to 440C. Unfortunately I cannot use S30V for the filet or paring knives, as this steel is not offered in the thickness I prefer to use for these knives.